Animated Fairy Tales of the World

Enjoying World-famous Fairy Tales with Animation

Animated Fairy Tales of the World consists not only of the famous works of Andersen, The Brothers Grimm, and Charles

Perrault, but also various works such as The Thousand and One Nights, English folk tales, Russian folk tales, and so on.

The stories are accurately translated and adapted from the originals, and are easy to read as well. Children can obtain

wisdom about life and become broaden their views by indirect experience with the witty characters. The stories also

help children learn social standards and good living habits.

The fantastic illustrations catch children’s eyes and show them fun in reading. The cutting-edge 3D animation, which

brings the stories to life, improves children’s sensibility and stimulates their imaginations. Also, children can easily

follow in the books by using the audio CDs, which contain beautiful background music and vivid sound effects.

  • Book Specification – 200 x 200mm, 52 pages
  • Age – 4~7
  • Composition – Storybook (50 volumes), Audio CD (15 ea)

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