Aesop’s Theater philosophical Fables

Interesting Thinking, Exciting Philosophy

Aesop’s Theater is 3D animation which consists of interesting episodes and plays that deal with the philosophical

themes from Aesop’s Fables. The animation consists of 39 episodes which last approximately 10 minutes per episode.

Philosophical Fables are creative fables which foster children’s thinking ability by using the original book, Aesop’s

Fables. Teaching philosophy to children is not about teaching specific philosophers’ theories, but about developing

thinking ability and giving them a sound sense of values and personality. Therefore, each Philosophical Fable has two

stories. The first is a well-known story from Aesop’s Fables, and the second is a creative fable that deals with the same

philosophical theme as the first story. By reading the stories, children can think independently about a diverse range of

philosophical subjects. Furthermore, with the various activities at the end of each Philosophical Fable, children can

organize their ideas and express their thoughts.

  • Book Specification – 210 x 270mm, 44 pages
  • Age – 4~7
  • Composition – Animation DVD (10 ea, 39 episodes), Philosophical Fable (39 volumes)

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