Aesop’s Theater Philosophical Fables

Introduce the Right Values and Philosophy

  When helping children build the right values, it should never stop at telling them what’s right and wrong. We need to give them time to think ‘why’ something is right or wrong.

  In this series, children can read about the right values with the famous ‘Aesop’s fables’. Then, they can read a ‘creative philosophical tales’ that expand on the values in Aesop’s fables. As they read, children can question and think about ‘why’ some values are right and wrong.

  The end-of-book contains activities that help children use and think about the values they read in the stories, while the Parents Guide Book help parents guide their children through the stories.

  • Book Specification – 210 x 270mm (44 pages)
  • Age – 4~7
  • Composition – Philosophical Fable (39 volumes), Guide Book (1 volume)

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