Easy and Fun Kids Experiment


The Latest Trend in Science is “EXPERIMENT”

The complete edition of <Easy and Fun Kids Experiment> is designed to introduce numerous, interesting

experiments using tools and materials that are easily found in our daily life and help children understand and learn

scientific principles from these experiments.

Comprised of the main books that cover 4 fundamental areas of science – physics, chemistry, biology and earth science,

and supplementary experiment reports. <Easy and Fun Kids Experiment> delivers processes and results of totally

400 experiments using specific images and explanation to help children understand the experiments at a glance.

The edition also presents combinations of technology, engineering, arts and mathematics with science as part of the

experiments, and introduces scientific principles of various natural phenomena in our life to stimulate curiosity of


At the end, each book summarizes its content and introduces additional activities and experiments useful for children

to understand the topic and recall scientific principles relevant to the topic.

  • Book Specification – Main Book(220x250mm, 48~60 pages), Supplement(223x274mm, 120~170 pages)
  • Age – 9~13
  • Composition – Main Book (25 volumes), Supplement (5 volumes), USB Microscope(1 ea)

experiment1 experiment2 experiment3 experiment4

experiment6 experiment5