Kyowon Iliad


A Great epic poem of the Trojan War that presents the legends of ancient Greek heroes and gods

Iliad is considered to provide a significant basis for European thoughts and philosophies as well as Western literature.

Highly recognized as the foundation for classical literature that contains the universal value of human beings beyond

times and places, Iliad is a must-readWestern classics to learn the world history.

<Kyowon Iliad> is designed to tell the classics at the level of children’s eyes with a diagram to describe the relations

of the main characters, historical information related to the stories and brilliant, magnificent illustrations and help young

readers overcome their prejudice that classics are difficult and uninteresting to read and obtain the background

knowledge required to learn the world history in an easy and entertaining manner.

At the end of the book are various activities that allow children to change the ending and imagine a different version of

the story, and demonstrate an event from their perspective so as to raise their thinking ability.

  • Book Specification – 210 x 280mm, 46 pages
  • Age – 9~13
  • Composition  Main Book (10 volumes)

iliad1 iliad2