Q series – World Culture


Let’s go on an exciting trip to experience the world culture!

In the era of globalization, kids expose themselves to various cultures around the globe via television. This kind of way

can, however, provide only fragmentary information to them. Children need a more systematic mechanism for learning

other cultures.

<Q series – World Culture> is an exciting cartoon adventure, effectively drawing kids’ attention and helping them

with understanding about geography, culture, and history, as it efficiently mixes all these factors in it. With many photos,

QR codes and maps, young readers can experience cultures around the world and can feel like traveling in person.

At the end of each story book, kids can find key points about each country as well as additional information

on geography, history, economy and culture of the nation.

  • Book Specification – 240x255mm, 64~88 pages
  • Age – 7~10
  • Composition – Story Book (17 volumes), Continent Book (5 volumes), Supplement (3 volumes)


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