The BBD Talk Play Book


Picture Book for Your Baby’s First Word

Kids who have been exposed to plush linguistic stimulus before they turn 24 months learn vocabulary more quickly,

develop better reasoning skills & numeracy, and have higher IQ test scores than their peers. Therefore, it is very

important to proactively respond to various sounds that your baby makes, such as crying, laughing and cooing.

<The BBD Talk Play Book> is designed to help babies to speak out their first words so that they can become smarter

kids. This collection consists of two steps and helps your kid to express themselves with gestures, learn various

vocabularies in his/her daily life and start speaking out a sentence or phrase made of two or three words.

  • Age – 0~24 months
  • Composition – First Stage (13 volumes), Second Stage (15 volumes), Talking Toy (1 ea)