Let’s Play with Science & Math

Make and Experience on Your Own Science & Math

Can simply getting a right answer in a science or mathematics class help our children significantly?

<Let’s Play with Science & Math>, assists children to find and solve problems on their own as well as better

understand principles of science and mathematics in more interesting ways. The topics are what young readers can

easily find in their everyday lives.

Furthermore, Children can make things and move the completed objects by using 12 educational instruments provided.

At the end of the story, young readers do activities and write a report on it. They can also find in-depth information and

various experiments at the end of the book so that kids can take additional knowledge.

  • Book Specification – 240x265mm, 54 pages
  • Age – 5~8
  • Composition – Main Book (26 volumes), Supplement (2 volumes), Educational Instruments(12 ea)

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