Handcrafting Storybook in Society

Creative Stories on the Society Made by Myself

To grow into a proper member of our society, kids need to get a good social education.

<Handcrafting Storybook in Society> helps young readers to easily learn about the world outside their cozy house –

local community, countries around the globe, and the world economy – by mixing interesting stories with concepts

related to the society. Kids can create their own, one-of-a-kind book by making and attaching pop-up & flap details.

Moreover, they can get immersed into stories more deeply through smart device-based activities. In the process,

they can become interested in concepts that are related to the society. At the end of the book, readers can review major

concepts and in-depth information that are already explained in the story again via a summary section as well as

an informative video

  • Book Specification – 230x265mm, 40 pages
  • Age – 4~7
  • Composition – Main Book (10 volumes), Supplement (1 volumes)

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